Jackfruit Benefits

Not only is Jackfruit yummy, it's also good for your body! Fats Jackfruit has no fat content. That means no saturated fat either and also no cholesterol. So if you want a sweet treat without the fat content then try a piece of Jackfruit. Keep in mind Jackfruit does contain sugar. Sugar in large quantities... Continue Reading →

Green Wall Trendy or Beneficial?

Are green walls trendy or beneficial? Both! Have you ever heard of a green wall? Well, if you haven't a green wall is part of a building covered or partially covered with plant life. If you haven't seen one yet you might being seeing one soon; as their popularity in the U.S. is growing. But... Continue Reading →

How to Cut Jackfruit

Cutting Jackfruit can put you in quite the sticky situation...literally! The sap found in jackfruit is very strong. Before you start cutting you'll need to oil your hands and keep them oiled as you cut. Follow this step by step guide to get the most out of your Jackfruit. *Things to remember before you cut.... Continue Reading →

Clothes Made from Water Bottles?

Many people following the minimalist lifestyle are looking for eco-friendly and socially responsible clothing brands. More people are demanding transparacy with product production and new companies are emerging with eco-friendly technology in mind. One of these companies is called Recovered. Recovered was first established with the idea of making clothing from fabric scraps. Now, many... Continue Reading →

Where to Buy Jackfruit

Craving yummy Jackfruit? Interested in making a new vegan recipe that requires Jackfruit? Well, if these questions are true for you it may not be so easy to find the large delicious fruit. Jackfruit is still a specialty fruit in North America, making it somewhat difficult to find; depending where you live. Check out where... Continue Reading →

Jackfruit Series

Want to try a new and healthy specialty fruit? In July we'll be exploring Jackfruit. It's a delicious fruit that is commonly found in the tropics. Fun fact--Many believe that the secret recipe in Juicy Fruit gum is Jackfruit because of the similar flavors! Whoa! Check back every week for Jackfruit tips and recipes!  

Summer Fun- Week 4

June is coming to a close. The days are getting brighter and a whole lot hotter. What's better to cool off in the sun then a squirt gun and water balloon fight?! What You'll Need A Few Squirt Guns- You can usually buy them at your local dollar store. Water Balloon Kit- You may be... Continue Reading →

DIY Hair Mask – Vegan & Zero Waste

The mask I make is not only vegan but zero waste. It's a combination of 4 oils that are proven to moisturize the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Here are the oils you'll need. Moringa Oil Moringa Oil is so healthy for your skin and hair. "It exposes your hair to essential vitamin and minerals,... Continue Reading →

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