The 7 Day Vegan Challenge – Tip

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge is the latest trend on social media. It's exactly what is sounds like. A challenge to eat completely vegan for a whole week. It's a great way to explore veganism. Whatever your reasons here are 7 tips to surviving The 7 Day Vegan Challenge. 1. Eat fresh veggies and fruits.... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegan Lunch

Are you looking for an easy vegan lunch? I know when I first started integrated vegan meals into my diet I was looking for easy and affordable meals that tasted delicious. Here is an awesome yummy vegan lunch option. First I toasted two pieces of whole grain bread with seeds. Then I mashed up half... Continue Reading →

Veggie Grill Review

In September I attended the Pac West game conference in Seattle and while I was there I was so excited to try some new vegan food. One restaurant I came across was called Veggie Grill. Now, I had no idea that Veggie Grill was a chain in over 6 states! Here's what I thought. The... Continue Reading →

Vegan Cheese Wonton Recipe

I don't know about you but I love a good cheese wonton. Before I went plant-based I use to eat them all the time! Now, that I've cut cheese out of my diet I thought I would try to recreate my own. They turned out great! My husband couldn't even tell they were vegan! Ingredients... Continue Reading →

Vegan Korma

Korma is an Indian dish that ties to the Urdu language.┬áThis was my first time making the dish and to be honest I was a little nervous. Since, this is my first time making Korma I decided to buy a Korma sauce so I can get use to the flavors. The sauce I bought was... Continue Reading →

After Wedding Eco Cleanup

The party has come to an end and you and your special partner are off to your honeymoon location. But wait?! Your cleanup team's work has just begun. Did you know there are ways your team can help process waste in a more eco-friendly way than traditional waste management? Here are 3 ways your team... Continue Reading →

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