Nintendo Labo Saving the Environment?

When you think about plastic consumption what objects do you think of? Life saving medical equipment? How about plastic water filtration systems that provide clean water to people need? Then there's devices that help keep our homes safe with fire and carbon dioxide detection. Yes, human being use a lot of plastic and there are... Continue Reading →

Food Scraps as Biofuel

Thinking about what to do with those extra food scraps after dinner? Don't want to throw them away adding waste to the landfill? Consider using them to produce biofuel. What is biofuel? Biofuel is energy produced by plant matter. Check out this article from National Geographic to learn more. How does it work? Bio gas... Continue Reading →

Maintaining a Minimalist Lifestyle

You ditched the plastic. You've donated unused or unwanted items. You up-cycle whenever possible. You feel free from clutter and good about making changes that help the environment and your wallet. So what's next? How can you maintain this lifestyle? How can you continue to live big by living with less? Here's some tips and... Continue Reading →

Whoa! Great food & Sustainability!

Many of you may know yesterday was Mother's Day, at least in the states. This was my first Mother's Day and my husband made it super special. I am so blessed by him and my adorable little girl. As a surprise my husband took me to an Irish restaurant. I studied abroad in Ireland touring... Continue Reading →

Healthy Vegan Smoothie Add-ins

I love making my husband a vegan smoothie before he goes to work. If you would like a tropical recipe click here. If you would like a tangy recipe click here. I like to add healthy add-ins so he has a great start to his day. Here is a list of a few awesome add-ins... Continue Reading →

Ladies Brunch – Sisterhood

As I look at my precious daughter sleeping I can't help but wonder who she will become, the life she will live, and the friendships she'll hold dear. It reminds me of my past, my present, and our future together. Looking back on the years past I can't help but feel blessed by the wonderful... Continue Reading →

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