All Natural Laundry Soap

Ew! It’s that day or days of the week again. You gather all your smelly laundry grouping clothes into color groups. Depending on your family size you may have a laundry pile that seems to never dwindle. I feel ya! I only have a family of 3 and it seems like my husband and I never stop doing laundry.

With the cost of soap and plastic waste soap bottle produce we decided to look at other more affordable and sustainable ways to do laundry. Because, let’s be real, no one wants to spend their date night money on laundry soap.

A friend of mine suggested soap nuts. She tried them and had mixed feels but I thought, “Why not give them a try?” What could it hurt. So I bought a bag of organic soap nuts from Amazon and thought I would give them a try.

Soap nuts are actually berries from theĀ Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The berries from this tree contain natural saponin (soap). In order to use the berries follow the directions below.

  1. If you are washing a load of laundry with hot water put the berries in a small washbag and put the bag directly into the wash. If you are washing a load with cold or warm water but the berries in a mason jar with hot water. Let set for 4 to 5 minutes. Shake the jar at least 5 to 10 times. Put the berries in a small wash bag with your laundry. Put the water from the mason jar into your laundry. Add essential citrus oils or lavender essential oil to mason jar water for an extra cleanser and pleasant sent.
  2. Take the bag out of the laundry before loading in the dryer.

In order for the saponin to be activated the berries must be exposed to heat. That’s why it is important to soak them in hot water before you use them or to wash your laundry in a hot cycle.

Well, after using them for a week I decided to keep using them. I absolutely love soap berries. I add orange and lemon essential oil to my mason jar water and my clothes come out clean and smelling fresh! I do have to say that the berries don’t do well taking out stains. There is concentrated berry extract that you can use on stains but I have not tried it yet.

The soap nuts save my husband and I a ton of money. We use to spend about $8-$10 for a bottle or bag of pod that lasted about 40-60 loads. Now, we spend about $12 for 130 loads! And now that we know we love them we’ll buy in bulk and save even more money. Not only are we saving money but we are reducing plastic waste and living chemically cleaner. It’s a win win!



We buy our soap nuts from Natur Oli as pictured above. You can buy this set from Amazon by clicking here.


*Article not endorsed by Natur Oli.

Disclaimer: Information expressed in this article is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer is not held liable for any damage or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product.

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