Breastfeeding Woes.

When it comes to feeding your baby you have lots of options. You can breastfeed, formula feed, mix feed. There are a ton of different bottle choices and formula choices. And honestly, it can get a bit overwhelming. Before my daughter was born I had a deep hope that I would only breastfeed.

I thought, everyone says breast is best and it will be better for the environment and cheaper on my wallet so why not? I purchased one organic pack of formula just in case but I was sure I wouldn’t need it. Well, my arrogance was quickly met with reality. In an ideal world, that’s exactly what I would have loved to do. I would have loved to only feed my child breast milk. I would have loved it! But for me, that was not an option.

My daughter had problems latching on in the hospital. I kept trying and she would get so frustrated and my heart melted for her. She was just a hungry baby and I was just a desperate mom trying to feed her child. After talking with a team of nurses, a lactation specialist and my doctor we discovered my daughter’s tongue needed to be clipped because it was preventing her from feeding properly.

After the procedure I continued to try to breast feed her and supplemented with formula. That turned out to be an even bigger nightmare.  I eventually stopped breastfeeding her and began to pump every hour and half to give her as much breast milk as possible. But it wasn’t enough. So I supplemented with the organic formula I had bought as a back up that I was sure I would never need.

My baby could not digest it. It made her tummy upset and caused awful constipation. Well, I will tell you that the issue is still not solved but is a bit better. I had to change her formula to a sensitive tummy mix and the doctor is waiting to see if she could potentially have a sensitivity to cows milk, which if that is the case, we will switch her to a soy blend and go from there. But baby girl is doing much better on the sensitive tummy mix.

With that said, what did I learn? Well, I learned that you can plan all you want but you just never know until your baby is born. As much as you might want to stick to one plan you just might not be able to. As much as you try, as much as you hope, it just might not be possible. I’m not saying give up. Not at all! You know your capabilities, your body, and your child; not me. I just want to encourage you that it’s ok if you have to change your plan. I was sitting in my doctor’s office a little discouraged and she reminded me that the important thing is that baby is getting fed and that baby is healthy. And that it. was. ok.

Ladies, you are not less for your decision and you are not a bad mom for doing what you have to do to take care of your child.

When I say I don’t breastfeed sometimes mothers look at me like, “How dare you!” And trust me, pumping is not fun. (At least for me.) But let’s not shame others because their story isn’t yours. Every child is different and has their own way of getting those needs. Let’s encourage others and stop comparing each other. We are a sisterhood and we should use that sisterhood to encourage and uplift each other, right?!


Disclaimer: Information expressed in this article is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer is not held liable for any damage or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product or medical method on yourself or others.


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