My Dog & Cat Use What?

I love my furry dog baby Lexi. She is a friendly black lab retriever mix that loves running and making new furry friends. Now, I use pet care supplies that were given to me from friends and family. But I’ve had Lexi for a few years know and it’s getting time to retire the worn products I’m using now. Her leash is getting almost unusable and her dishes are starting to crack. So I thought, “Let’s find eco options.” Here are some products I found in my search. And yes, I have included some products for those of you who have fun fluffy cat friends.

  1. Compostable Dog Brush



The first product I found was a compostable dog brush. The brush I found is completely natural and compostable. It’s package free and is made from beachwood and metal pins. My dog sheds a ton so I need a good dog brush. The one I found is about $17. Cat version here.

2. Bamboo Food Dishes

Beco Bowls are great because they are from sustainably sourced bamboo and rice husks. They also give 5% of their profits to local community, animal and environmental causes. They cost about 7 euros and you can sometimes find them on the thrive market at a discount.

3. Toys

Rubber and plastic toys can take a lot of time to decompose however there are some great durable alternatives for your furry friend! Check out this site for some options.

4. Poop Bags

If you’re like me you’ve lived in an apartment where you’ve had to clean up your dogs poop multiple times a day or you’ve taken your pet to the park or on a walk and need to clean up after it. Well, there are compostable poop bags that save the earth and its ecosystems from plastic waste. I use a brand called Bio Bags and you can buy them on Amazon.

5. Kitty Litter

If you have a kitty friend there are some great eco friendly kitty litters your kitten can check out. Feline Pine is made from wood shavings and is compostable. You can find it on Chewy.


Disclaimer: Information expressed in this article is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer is not held liable for any damage or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others. Contact your vet before integrating any of these products. Littletikemomma, its writers, and affiliates are not held liable for any damage, health concerns, or death resulting from use of any of these products on yourself or your pet.

*Article not sponsored by suggested companies.

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