Refreshing Lemonade


What You’ll Need

1 glass pitcher

4 Lemons

1 Grapefruit

3 tbs honey (vegans can use maple as an alternative)

2 oz mint tea

Sugar to Taste

Mint Leaves & Cut Lemon or Grapefruit


First, prepare the tea. Seep 2 oz of mint tea in 4 cups of water for 20 minutes. Put the tea in the fridge to cool.

Next, squeeze 4 lemons and 1 grapefruit into your glass picture. Add 4 cups of water to the lemon. Stir in 3 tbs of honey.

Add your mint tea.

Stir in sugar or sugar alternative to taste.

Add mint leaves and cut lemon or grapefruit for decor.

Drink cold.

Disclaimer: Information expressed in this article is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer is not held liable for any damage or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others.

*Article not sponsored by suggested companies.

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