Delivery Room Essentials- What do you really need?

It’s month 9 of your pregnancy and you’re feeling a little nervous about delivery. If you haven chosen to give birth in a hospital you’re probably wondering what you should bring along with you. I’m no expert, but I did give birth in a hospital. Here’s what I packed along with me.



Now, okay. You may think this one is silly but hospital floors are gross and I’m not a fan of those fussy socks they give you to wear around. You may be walking around your room or the hospital to help with contractions and birthing so having a good pair of slippers will go along way. I mean, anything to make you feel a little bit more comfortable, right?

A Good Movie or Book

This is something I didn’t bring but wish I had. I had to be medically induced because of safety concerns for my baby. I had hours of waiting before actual labor and birthing occurred. My husband and I played games and watched the hospital TV but looking back I wish we could have read a book together or watched our favorite comedy TV show. You’ll want to bring safe forms of entertainment that will help you remain comfortable and make your experience memorable.

Your Favorite Snack

There are times before labor where you are allowed to eat. And you’re also allowed to eat after delivery. Some hospitals have awesome food but these are rare so pack your favorite foods just in case.

Care Products

Hospitals will supply you with shampoo, body soap, toothpaste, conditioner, etc. But it feels so nice to use your own stuff. So pack along a small care product bag to make your stay feel more comfortable.

Pillow and Small Blanket

You do not know how much I appreciated having my own blanket! The hospital ones weren’t bad but I get cold so easily and my blanket is so warm and cozy. And I also love my pillow and find it difficult to sleep without my own so having it was a necessity.

Hospital Gown

The hospital I went to had really soft gowns but my mom bought me this beautiful floral gown. I didn’t wear it during delivery but it was great to have the option just in case the hospital didn’t have good ones. It was a great back-up and now I wear it around the house like a robe.


If you choose to breast feed there are going to be times where you don’t have the energy to but all your clothes back one to go to the bathroom. Being able to put your robe on instead of trying to button up your gown will be a whole easier. And I got one of those soft fuzzy ones so it was so comfortable!

Extra Clothes for You and Your Partner

Having spare clothes is good because you don’t know how long you’ll be staying. This is especially important if you have a partner that is going to stay with you the whole time during your stay. They’ll need fresh clothes to stay comfortable.

Nursing Pads

My milk didn’t really come in until I was out of the hospital. But I did produce colostrum which can be thicker than regular breast milk. At least, in my case. The nursing pads allowed the colostrum to not get all over my bra.

Camera or Phone

Of course, so that you can take pictures of all the new memories with your new bundle of joy!

Birth Plan

I had a birth plan that I discussed with my doctor before I went to the hospital. Keep in mind that when you go to a hospital there may be some restrictions on your birth plan. It’s important to go over your birth plan with your doctor so she or he can give you those restrictions and possible alternatives for you to think about and research. Also, give copies to all your nurses so they are all on the same page with your wishes.

Things I brought I didn’t Need


I brought make-up because I thought, “Surely, I want to look nice for photos after by baby is born.” Wrong! At least for me. I didn’t have the energy or will to put on make-up. I was so consumed with my baby I didn’t even think about make-up.


I actually used the pads and ice packs provided by the hospital. They were great and I didn’t even touch the ones I brought.


I brought Ibuprofen with me just in case I needed it. But the hospital provided with all the medicine I needed. And I actually think taking medicine without notifying your nurse is against the rules. My husband might have used it once so not a horrible waste. Just something to consider.

Essential Oils

I didn’t use essential oils when I was in the hospital. There were a few reasons why I chose not to use them. One, some essential oils are not safe for newborns are baby younger than 6 months. Second, baby was getting use to my sent and I didn’t want to cloud that with the smell of the oils. Lastly, some oils when worn by mother are still to strong for baby to smell. So I just decided to forgo the oils until my baby was a little older.


Disclaimer: Information expressed in this article is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer is not held liable for any damage or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others.

*Article not sponsored by suggested companies.

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