Schoolie Conversion Day 1: Plan that Junk!


As we pulled up to the property we couldn’t help feel excited seeing our bright blue schoolie. How was this our lives? How had this long awaited dream finally start to become true? Kris and I had prayed for this opportunity since we first met and after years of research and prayer the time had finally come. As we began to plan out where Izzy’s bedroom would be located we couldn’t help but feel excited for her. She would get the unique experience of growing up in a school bus! (At least for a few years.) She’ll have experience seeing ministry hands-on and be able to explore in ways a tiny house provides. Wow! We feel so blessed to have this unique experience. God truly is good and works in the best timing; even if we don’t initially understand His timeline.

Here’s what we did today. (4/14)

-Took Measurements

-Reworked our Layout

-Made a list of things we still had to purchase for the conversion.

-Bought the bucket for our compost toilet, paint for our bookshelves, WD40, and paint brushes.

A little Back Story on Our Bus (The Green Machine)


We had the incredible opportunity to purchase our bus from a church here in the Carolinas. The kids call it, The Green Machine. And in honor of the ministry of their church we are keeping the name. We want to thank them for their continued ministry and the ministry they are blessing with the funds gathered from the sale of the bus. It’s crazy how God connected us and the church together and the pastor and the congregation of the church are so kind and giving.

Prayer Request

We are still in search for a ministry to serve this year. We have interviews all this week so please keep us in your prayers. If you know of any openings in state-side missions or vocational ministry in design, marketing, or accounting please feel free to contact us at

Thanks for joining us on our journey.


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