Schoolie Conversion: Day 2 Unbolt Those Seats!


So it’s Day 2 of our schoolie conversion. Today my husband, my little brother, and I unbolted all the seats from the flooring and siding of the bus. We were super nervous because we have heard horror stories of seats being welded to the floors and old rusty screws that just didn’t want to come unscrewed.

We are completely blessed because we didn’t have any major issues. Our seats were bolted through the ground and not welded. So with my husband working below the bus and my brother and I working inside the bus we were able to unbolt the seats in just 1 day! We do have a few side screws that we couldn’t get undone. So we’ve soaked them in WD40 and hopefully with the right tools we’ll be able to get them unscrewed or cut out of the siding on Day 3.

Total cost of day 3: $3.98 for the WD40

A special shout out to my brother Micah for helping out and a special thanks to my cousin Josh who let us borrow some tools for the day. You guys rock!

Ministry Update

Please, continue to pray for us as we search for a ministry to serve.

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