Schoolie Conversion- Day 5 & 6 Old Floors & Lots of Dust

Day 5 and 6 were full of lots of hard work and even more dust!

We finished painting the bus! It took longer than we expected but we finished! We chose a beautiful deep turquoise and white. The front and back are turquoise and the roof and walls are white. We will later paint the window trims royal blue but this will be a project for later on.

Next, we ripped up the old flooring and cleaned the metal underneath. There were old band-aids, dirt, dust, gum, and just about all the other gross things kids leave behind. lol

But we cleaned it all and next week we’ll be able to treat the metal floor and install the floor installation and plywood.

Well, that was quite the long weekend but we did it! We only have 8 days left to finish. That’s 4 weekends and we are on track to finish on time. See ya next week!

Total Spent: $55 on more paint and cleaning supplies

Schoolie Day 1

Schoolie Day 2

Schoolie Day 3 & 4

Ministry Update: We are currently talking with a non-profit about volunteering in their English Language program. We would be helping refugees and others in the community with their English speaking skills. Please, pray as we consider if this is where we are suppose to be and are faithfully following where God is leading us.

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