Healthy Vegan Smoothie Add-ins

I love making my husband a vegan smoothie before he goes to work. If you would like a tropical recipe click here. If you would like a tangy recipe click here. I like to add healthy add-ins so he has a great start to his day. Here is a list of a few awesome add-ins that are vegan.

Yum! (1).png

Chia Seeds– I love adding chia seeds because they are packed with nutrients and they bubble up and feel very refreshing. They provide calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber.

Tiger Nuts– These don’t have a great taste by themselves but when you add them to a thick smoothie they add crunch and take on the flavor of the fruit in your smoothie. They have lots of fiber.

Moringa Oil– Moringa oil has an awful taste but it is really good for you and when added to a smoothie you can’t even taste it. Moringa is packed with a ton of nutrients that are great for the body. Learn more here.

Apple Cider Vinegar– I only like to add apple cider vinegar to already tangy smoothie and smoothies made with ice and water and not milk. The vinegar doesn’t react well with any kind of milk, even almond milk. Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion.


Disclaimer:  Information expressed in the content published by Littletikemomma is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer or Littletikemomma is not held liable for any damage, financial loss, or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others or testing out a new food product or recipe especially if you have any known allergies.




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