Food Scraps as Biofuel

Thinking about what to do with those extra food scraps after dinner? Don’t want to throw them away adding waste to the landfill? Consider using them to produce biofuel.

What is biofuel?

Biofuel is energy produced by plant matter. Check out this article from National Geographic to learn more.

How does it work?

Bio gas is created when bacteria breaks down the food scraps creating cooking gas and also fertilizer.

How do I set up a system?

Well, it’s still difficult to find ready made systems but you can make your own. You can buy a ready made system here. But keep in mind it’s pretty pricey at $590. Check out these other kits here. Learn how to make your own system here.

Want to Learn More About Bio Fuel?

If you would like to learn more about bio fuel and the benefits of of biofuel in community development contact ECHO in Fort Myers, Florida. They often have classes that focus on community development through small scale agriculture and appropriate technology. You can visit their website here.


Disclaimer:  Information expressed in the content published by Littletikemomma is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer or Littletikemomma is not held liable for any damage, financial loss, or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others or testing out a new food product or recipe especially if you have any known allergies.


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