Bus Conversion- Day 7 & 8 Insulation & Shopping

The bus is coming along! After about four Home Depot trips and lots of hard work we finally can start seeing our little home come together. This weekend we finished ripping up the old vinyl on the floor of the bus. Scrubbed the dirt from the metal framing, treated the metal framing so it won’t rust and current rust was sanded and treated so it won’t continue to rust. The next day we purchased everything we needed to finish the flooring and the walls and installed the wall insulation. Our roof’s insulation is R3 so we decided to go with an R3 insulation on the walls and floors. The wall insulation is a standard insulation with reflectix you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s but the floor insulation we had to special order on Amazon. It’s made especially for RV’s and includes: Reflectix, R3 insulation, and a sound barrier so the laminate wood won’t creak when we lay it down.

Cost Breakdown

$280- Cleaning supplies, paint, sub-floor, insulation, insulating spray foam, water resistant/heat resistant adhesive, wood for walls, electric wiring, plugs, and plug coverings. (We hit major clearance deals at Home Depot. Jesus!)

$70- Wood wall siding (Another incredible clearance deal at the Home Depot!)

$170- Yeti Cooler that we’ll use as our refrigerator. (This may seem crazy but a lot of schoolie/van-lifers use a Yeti cooler in place of a mini fridge. We eat a primarily plant-based diet so this is a great option for us since we currently only use our fridge to store our almond milk, cheese, and condiments.) –Bought used on the Marketplace

$36- Floor Insulation

$71- Window Insulation

$6- Fan Insulation Putty & Screws

$43- 5 Gallon Solar Shower (PVC Free)

$163- Maxxair 12v Roof Top Fan/Vent

Total for days 7 & 8= $839 Keep in mind that we sold $300 worth of stuff we didn’t need anymore to help finance these purchases. Getting rid of old stuff can help keep costs down. So if you are looking to make a schoolie and are on a tight budget go through your treasures and see if you can find a new home for some of them in exchange for a little treasure of your own. ;-D


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