Nintendo Labo Saving the Environment?

When you think about plastic consumption what objects do you think of? Life saving medical equipment? How about plastic water filtration systems that provide clean water to people need? Then there’s devices that help keep our homes safe with fire and carbon dioxide detection. Yes, human being use a lot of plastic and there are dangers with plastic consumption. However, some plastic consumption is needed until a more viable alternative is discovered. But one area of plastic consumption is in the entertainment sector. Is the new Nintendo Labo a viable solution to reducing plastic consumption in the gaming industry?


If you haven’t heard of Nintendo Labo, it’s a gaming system that integrates cardboard cutout into existing gaming systems. When you order your kit you get sheet of pre-cut cardboard. The game can be downloaded into your gaming system. It then gives you directions on how to build the cardboard gaming device and the device is used to play the game on your system. Pretty cool huh?

Now, for the most part the gaming industry seems to be switching to online downloads which is great because it saves the planet from plastic waste created from CD and cover production. And yes, cardboard production still uses natural resources. However, cardboard decomposes at a faster rate than plastic so it is a step in the right direction.

Nintendo Labo game are still on the pricey side but you can buy them on Amazon.


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