Summer Fun!

June has arrived and it’s brought the summer with it. The sunshine, the smoothies, the adventure! It’s time for family vacations and long beach/lake days. But what do you do during those regular days home with the kids? I don’t know about you, but I can only take so much cartoons…

Summer Fun.png

Well, if you’re interested in some fun activities with the kids join me on my new series called, Summer Fun, where for the month of June you’ll learn one fun activity every week and learn a fun new recipe to try out with the kids.


Disclaimer:  Information expressed in the content published by Littletikemomma is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer or Littletikemomma is not held liable for any damage, financial loss, or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others or testing out a new food product or recipe especially if you have any known allergies.

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