Turn Styrofoam into Activated Charcoal?

There are many substances we have not yet figured out how to recycle effectively. One of these substances is Styrofoam. While, old Styrofoam can sometimes be recycled into new Styrofoam there’s not a huge market for actual recycled Styrofoam. This is because recycled Styrofoam can be contaminated and it takes a lot of resources to recycle Styrofoam. Click here to learn more about the difficulties of recycling Styrofoam.

Ashton Cofer and a group of classmates came up with a solution to Styrofoam waste. They created a way to turn Styrofoam into activated charcoal! Activated charcoal has many uses including purifying water.

Check out Cofer’s Ted talk here.

Hats off to our young millennials who are being proactive in finding solutions to large and overwhelming problems.

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