Where to Buy Jackfruit

Craving yummy Jackfruit? Interested in making a new vegan recipe that requires Jackfruit? Well, if these questions are true for you it may not be so easy to find the large delicious fruit. Jackfruit is still a specialty fruit in North America, making it somewhat difficult to find; depending where you live. Check out where I found Jackfruit in my area and the tips and trick I followed to find this yummy fruit.

Specialty Farms

agriculture backyard blur close up
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Jackfruit grows in “subtropical, tropic, and Mediterranean climates.” If you are living in a subtropical area in the Americas you may be able to find it at local specialty farms. However, if you don’t live in these areas you still may be able to purchase them in your climate zone. Keep reading to find out where you may be able to find it.

Some specialty farms ship produce but keep in mind this can be very pricey. Not only are you paying for a specialty piece of fruit you also have to consider the cost of shipping. Jackfruit get very large. The last Jackfruit I bought was 19 lbs. A normal price is about $1 a pound depending on inflation and availability.

Whole Foods

If you are looking for fresh Jackfruit Whole Foods is probably not the route you should take. However, Whole Foods does a great job of providing specialty foods for a variety of diets. They do offer canned Jackfruit which is often used in faux meat recipes for vegans and vegetarians. One can will run you about $3 to $4 for an 8oz can. Keep in mind that buying canned Jackfruit will save you a ton of work and time and cater to many recipes. On the flipside some recipes call for fresh Jackfruit. So this could be a viable route depending on your needs. If it’s just you eating the fruit I would consider buying it canned. One jackfruit can feed a lot of people and a lot can go to waste if you don’t preserve it.

Asian Markets

If you’ve never been to an Asian market you should check one out. There are a ton of cool foods and sauces. This is probably your best bet to find fresh Jackfruit. I pay about $1 a lb. Prices very depending on the market.

Ask a Vegan Chef

One way to find Jackfruit is to ask a vegan chef in your area. Now, you might not live in an area where vegan chefs or restaurants are prevalent. But if you live in a city this might be an option for you. If you browse the menus at vegan or vegetarian restaurants and see vegan bbq or tacos ask the chef if it is made from Jackfruit. Jackfruit is commonly used in these recipes. The chef may then be able to point you in the right direction.

Check back next week to learn tips and trick on how to cut Jackfruit.

Disclaimer:  Information expressed in the content published by Littletikemomma is solely the opinion of the writer. The writer or Littletikemomma is not held liable for any damage, financial loss, or health concerns resulting from information or endorsement from this article. If in doubt, always contact a health professional before using a new product on yourself or others or testing out a new food product or recipe especially if you have any known allergies.

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