Green Wall Trendy or Beneficial?

Are green walls trendy or beneficial? Both!

Have you ever heard of a green wall? Well, if you haven’t a green wall is part of a building covered or partially covered with plant life. If you haven’t seen one yet you might being seeing one soon; as their popularity in the U.S. is growing. But why?

Green walls provide plant benefits in crowded city areas. Let’s be real. It can be difficult to integrate nature in crowded cities and sometime you just need to be around nature. But why is this? Well, studies have shown that human beings actually have a need to be around nature and that when humans are around nature deviant behavior decreases.

They also add artistic beauty to an area and some green walls even improve air quality. Pretty cool, huh?!

photograph of plants growing on a wall
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

So how do you build a greenwall. Well, you can contact a landscape artist at your local plant nursery. You can also buy a starter kit online. They range in price from $13-$100 and can get more expensive depending on the size and plant choices. You can also consult with a local green artist for suggestions or commission details.

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