Sold! Why we sold our schoolie.

This year has been hard. It’s been filled with some really difficult situations but also tremendous beauty. This past year my husband and I packed up our things and headed to North Carolina as my mom underwent cancer treatments. Cancer is clever but our God is stronger. We were happy to be able to be near her. Through months of treatment my mom was a champ and fought hard with her faith and her family by her side. By the grace of God all cancer was eliminated and has yet to return. During this time Kris and I became pregnant with our first child. I’m not going to lie to you, I was scared. I had to hold in my feelings about my mom’s (usually terminal type) of cancer to protect the life of my unborn child as stress can induce complications and pre-term labor. I did my best but due to the stress I developed anxiety and had difficulty leaving the house. I didn’t like being in the car and I became fearful of driving. It got so bad that I would sometimes start to cry when being in the car and had to force myself to sleep on long travels to visit Kris’ parents.

On top of that, because I moved I lost my insurance and began the process of acquiring Medicaid and while my caseworkers were wonderful doctors were very rude to me because I was a Medicaid patient. I never knew or understood the stigma attached to Medicaid patients in the medical field. As soon as the receptionists would find out I was a Medicaid patient their attitude and demeanor would completely change. While, I knew this had nothing to do with me it still really hurt me at a time where I was very venerable. I was beginning to lose hope I would find a doctor. It was December and I had not been to the doctor since September. No doctor would take on my pregnancy because I was too far along or their Medicaid quota was already filled. After contacting almost all the doctors on the list given to me by my casework my husband and I took a few days to pray that the Lord would bring someone to help us with our delivery.

Later that week, I contacted a doctor in a small town about 45 minutes from my house and by the grace of God she took me on as a patient. Not only that but she shared her faith with me and was exactly what we needed. I had a tough delivery and without her the life of my daughter might have been lost. She was kind and caring and was so gracious with all my questions. Wow! Talk about God’s divine plan!

After things began to settle Kris and I really felt like we were suppose to build a schoolie conversion. It was a dream of ours and we felt like it was the right time. We prayed God would bring us a bus so we could live simply and maximize our ministry opportunities. A few weeks later we bought a bus from a church who used the money to help fund a women’s shelter. Then we prayed that God would provide a ministry opportunity. After opportunities falling threw and ministry job offers that did not feel right we patiently waited for God’s will to be shown. A month later we accepted a position with an incredible ministry.

While excited, we now knew we had to sell our bus. We prayed that God would bring the right people at the right time to use the bus for His purposes. 2 weeks later and we have sold the bus to a Christian family who has been looking for a schoolie conversion for awhile. Who knows how God is going to continue to do ministry through this schoolie conversion. Not only that, but had we not been able to live in the schoolie for the month and half we did live in it we would have been locked into a renting contract that would have prevented us from accepting the ministry position that we accepted, and we sold it just 2 days before our monthly lot contracted ended! Wow! How great is our God!

Sometimes life can be hard and discouraging. What I’ve learned is that through God we have the strength to overcome any challenges. Sometimes His plan is unexpected and not initially what we interpret. However, his plan is always full of grace and divine planning and through Him we can do great things for His Kingdom.

So thank you to everyone who has joined in our schoolie conversion journey. We’ve had a blast sharing the experience with you.

Our ebook is officially finished and will be published soon. If you are interested, keep checking back for the link to purchase the book. The book shares insights into building a schoolie and has unseen content from our build.

Once again, thanks for coming along on our journey.

-The Green Machine Team

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