5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Welcome! This is the first post in this month’s series, Mommy Hacks. Enjoy!

This week I flew for the first time with my new baby girl who is now 6 months old. And let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy. You know before I had a child I looked I traveled with moms with babies and tried to as empathetic as possible. But I never really understood how challenging it is to lug around all your baby’s stuff along with your luggage and carrying your child. I had my husband with me and it was still a challenge.

With that said. I learned a lot from my experience and I would love to share what I learned. So, here are 5 tips for flying with a baby.


Don’t listen to Rude People

It’s sad that I have to even list this. But yes, people are rude. Luckily, we only had one awful experience and most of the people were genuinely kind and loved seeing our smiley little girl. However, when boarding we the announcer called for all families with infants to board first and people were so mad at us for “cutting the line.” And they were vocal about it. Yelling at us and making rude comments to my family and other families loading. Luckily, a kind woman took me by the hand and said not to listen to them and that we were doing a great job. Wow! What a woman! So kind. Kindness goes a long way. There are going to be people who maybe rude to you when loading and unloading and may even make rude comments because of your babies crying. What my husband and I had to learn quickly was to just treat those people with grace and kindness and try to do our best to protect secure the safety of our child. If you ever feel like someone is threating you remember to utilize your flight attendants and airport security. They will do their best to de-escalate angry customers and protect the safety of you and your child.

Pack a Stroller

The biggest mistake my husband and I made was not bringing a stroller. Our flight, and most other flights, check your strollers and car seats for free. We couldn’t fit ours in the car so we thought, “Do we really need it? We’ll just bring the wearable baby holder.” WRONG! We totally needed it. It was so challenging to carry all our stuff and our daughter. If we brought the car seat we could have just strolled her along with our bags packed tightly underneath. Lesson learned.

Have Two Bottles Made before Take-Off

During my first flight I only packed on 4 oz bottle thinking she would fall asleep while drinking the bottle. But she surprised me and quickly when through the small bottle. So I had to hurry up and make a new bottle before we took off. I was in a panic! But I did it! YAY! The flight home I made two bottles to which she drank one….but that’s babies for ya.

Don’t forget Pacifiers

If you have ever flown on an airplane you may have noticed your ears popping. Many adults chew yum to relieve pressure in their ears during take off and when landing. Now, obviously babies can’t chew gum. However, sucking motions allow babies to relieve pressure in their ears. So give your baby a pacifier to suck on while taking off and landing and you may have less crying on board. You can also breast feed or bottle feed for the same result. I also pack 2 just incase I loose one or my daughter throws it on the ground. Pacifier ribbons are a live saver as well.

Pack Warm Clothes for Your Little Tike

Flights are cold. And if I’m cold my small child is definitely cold. What I did before I boarded was put a fresh diaper on my girl and then dressed her in nighttime footie pajamas. This kept her warm and made her feel like it was her bedtime because this is part of her bedtime routine. This helped her sleep and we had no crying.


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