Storing Baby Food Hack

Buying baby food containers can get real expensive real quick. There are so many options and gadgets that the task can become daunting. When I was looking into making my own baby food I came across a ton of plastic options but none that were environmentally conscience. As many of you know, plastic can contain harmful chemicals and can take hundreds of years to decompose. I found a few glass and aluminum options but they were way out of my price range.

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Then it dawned on me…mason jars! The 4 oz jelly jars are the perfect size and are pretty cheap. I bought mine in bulk and they ended up costing only about $1 a piece. Not too bad! Not only are they eco friendly I can feel confident that there aren’t any harmful chemicals seeping into my baby’s food.

I make my little tike’s food in bulk and freeze to use for the week. My husband is a stay-at-home dad so it takes some stress off of him to have the food ready made. And let’s be real….it can be pretty fun to make my little girl’s food. I find that the frozen jar lids screw off just fine which allows my husband to microwave the food if he’s in a hurry. I recommend letting the food thaw in the refrigerator but desperate times call for desperate measures. Just remember to heat test your baby food before giving it to your little tike if you use the microwave. And be careful taking it out of the microwave. This way you’ll prevent burns and discomfort for both baby and you.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your baby food making fun!

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