An Eco Alternative to Silk and Plastic Flowers

Are you on a budget and can’t afford real flowers? That was my situation just a few years ago when I was planning my wedding. After some research I discovered sola flowers.

So what exactly are sola flowers?

Sola flowers are flowers made from wood shavings. The great thing about sola flowers is that they are completely biodegradable.

My sola flower bouquet.

Are they affordable?

I found that compared to fresh flowers they were significantly cheaper. They cost anywhere from a few cents to a dollar a piece depending on the size, style, color, and seller. I purchased my without color from etsy to save money. Then I bought matte acrylic paint and handpainted the flowers. They turned out beautiful! And I only spend about $40 for my bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, and a few in other wedding decorations.

Where can I buy them?

Sola flowers are relatively easy to find online. You’ll want to shop around for the best bargain. I found a steal on etsy. Keep in mind delivery time. Obviously, you’ll want to allow enough time for them to come before the date of your wedding. Also, give yourself a few extra weeks if you are hand painting your own. Depending on how many you have to paint it may take awhile. Maybe you can recruit a few friends and family to help.

A helpful tip!

If you want natural flowers too you can always integrate a few real flowers and or natural garland into your arrangements. This will save you money, give a unique look, and is earth conscious.


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