4 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Everyone likes a bargain. And trust me, when it came to my wedding I saved big time by following these tips. In fact, I only spend about $2,600 on my entire wedding and that included my dress, venue, decor, food, the whole dang thing! Follow these few tips and you’ll just save big on you’re special day.

#1 It’s not trash. It’s treasure!

Summer is a very popular time to get married. And lucky for you, summer has just ended

table with plates and flowers filed neatly selective focus photography
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on Pexels.com

and fall is in full swing. So why is this important? Because you can get really good deals on used wedding decor. Do you want a shabby chic farm style wedding? Or maybe an elegant winter wonderland? Whatever the case you’re sure to find at least a few things 2nd hand that you can save you tons of money. I actually borrowed the centerpieces for my reception from my in-laws church. They were beautifully painted mason jars that I filled with sola flowers. And they cost me nothing! A lot of times brides just want to make back some of the money they invested into the wedding and they do this by selling their used decor on social media. Check those sites! You may just find your dream centerpiece.

Sometimes your wedding and or reception venue may also have decor and dishware you can borrow for your event; usually for free or very discounted. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

#2 Ask for Help

My husband and I saved a ton of money just by asking our friends and family for help. Yes, they should enjoy your wedding too. But honestly, my family had a blast helping us and really enjoyed helping out. We had a family friend make our bbq for a great deal, a family member made our cake, my in-laws bought the salad and rolls, we borrowed beautiful glass drink dispenser from my aunt, and my mom even made my favorite mac’n’cheese.

The women in my family decorated our venue the day before our reception and my brother-in-laws did all the music for our actual ceremony. It was a family event and it brought everyone together.

#3 Look for Community Areas to Get Married

Now, there may be a specific area where you really want to get married and that’s ok! In fact, that’s great! One less thing to make a decision about. However, if you are still on the fence consider a park or community center. I had my wedding at beautiful historic house and it was only $600 for the weekend! Now, the prices will differ depending on where you live but you may be able to find a great price and a beautiful location. I had a family friend who had a beautiful wedding ceremony right in her family’s backyard. Another friend got married in a beautiful park for just a few hundred dollars.

#4 Buy your Own Tablecloths instead of Renting them

photo of white dinnerware plate set on table
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

It can cost a ton of money to rent tablecloths but you can buy them in bulk online for super cheap. My mom bought my tablecloths and then resold them and actually turned a profit. Pretty cool, huh?!

Also, if you belong to a church or community group consider asking to borrow tables and chairs instead of renting them yourself. This could save you hundreds of dollars. Sometimes your venue will give you an option to borrow theirs so that’s something you should consider asking potential venues when you do your walk throughs.

Well, I hope this helped and gave you some good idea on how to save some money on your wedding celebration. All the luck!

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