Eco- Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors it can be so tempting to get a plastic custom made trinket to give to your guest. But let’s be real, you’re going to spend a chunk of change on something that most people are going to get rid of in the long run. This not only wastes your money but it also adds to the earth’s plastic consumption. Here are 3 eco-friendly wedding favors.

#1. Bamboo or Steel Straws

Ecosystems are being devastated by plastic straw waste. A luxury for us can be life threatening for the earth. Read this article for more information. One way to help combat straw waste and give your guest an awesome gift is buy giving a bamboo straw as a party favor. It’s a cool gift and it just may give your friends and family a reason to stop using plastic straws.

#2. Seed Paper with a Message Written in Soy Ink

nature flowers garden plant
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This just a unique gift. You can actually have a special note printed in soy ink on seed paper. Your guests then can plant the paper have beautiful flowers or herbs to remember your special day by.



#3. Mason Jar Dessert

Mason jars are a great alternative to plastic storage. Not only are they trendy they can hold a delicious dessert for your guest to enjoy on the way home.


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