Eco Friendly Wedding Dinerware

If you haven’t decided what kind of dinnerware to use for your big day here are a few eco alternatives to plasticware. Keep in mind that your venue or caterer might have glass or porcelain options.

Palm Leaf

green palm plant
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Dinnerware made from palm leaf is beautiful. It has a natural look with a lot of grain detail. Palm trees take 4 years to reach maturity! It’s not a quickly growing plant like bamboo. With that said, make sure to buy from a company that uses naturally fallen palm leafs. This ensures the tree is not damaged from the production of the goods. The plants are compostable and obviously biodegradable. You can find them online and some specialty shops.


Bamboo is a very quick growing plant which makes it a great resource for creating sustainable products. Like palm leaf bamboo also has a natural look that can have a lot of beautiful wood grain. It is compostable and biodegradable. You can find bamboo dinner products online.


Sugarcane plates often come in different shapes and designs. They can come in other colors and white. Sugarcane is a renewable resource and is compostable. You can find them online.

Vintage Plates

anniversary art beautiful birthday
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One option is buying plates and utensils second hand. This is a great option if your theme is vintage. You can buy mixed matched vintage plates relatively inexpensive at most thrift stores and online shops.

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