After Wedding Eco Cleanup

The party has come to an end and you and your special partner are off to your honeymoon location. But wait?! Your cleanup team’s work has just begun. Did you know there are ways your team can help process waste in a more eco-friendly way than traditional waste management? Here are 3 ways your team can help the environment when it comes to cleaning up your party.

Use eco trash bags for any unwanted messes.

Yes, that’s right, eco trash bags. Who know such a thing existed?! There are two popular eco trash bags. One is made from potato starch, this is my personal favorite. The other is made from cassava. There are also bags made from cornstarch and other vegetable products. These are great because most are biodegradable. According to Columbia University it can take 20 years for one plastic bag to decompose. 20 years! They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online and at Whole Food.

Donate unwanted décor.

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You spent so much time an effort picking out all your beautiful décor. Now that the wedding is over consider donating your décor to another bride or your local thrift store instead of just throwing everything away. Sure, keep a few keep sakes but you could really bless someone with your gorgeous décor. After all, you have great taste, right?!

Upcycle your décor.

Another alternative to throwing away your décor is upcycling it. You could turn some of your décor into beautiful home décor. This could be a great way to commemorate the day or even make a little extra money by selling the items you upcycle. Upcycled décor is really on trend so you may make a killing!

This concludes our Planning for Yes Wedding Series. Thanks for sticking around! We look forward to your next visit.

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