The 7 Day Vegan Challenge – Tip

7 day vegan challengeThe 7 Day Vegan Challenge is the latest trend on social media. It’s exactly what is sounds like. A challenge to eat completely vegan for a whole week. It’s a great way to explore veganism. Whatever your reasons here are 7 tips to surviving The 7 Day Vegan Challenge.

1. Eat fresh veggies and fruits.

Fresh produce have a crisper cleaner taste than frozen and canned veggies. So if it fits in your budget try to choose fresh fruits and veggies.

abundance agriculture bananas batch
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2. Meal Plan before you shop.

If you meal plan before you shop you’ll be able to stick on budget.

3. Meal Prep

There will be times where you may just not want to cook, not have time to cook, or simply want prepped snack to grab-and-go. Meal prepping will help you not cheat on the challenge.

4. Don’t eat meals completely dependent on alternatives.

Don’t get me wrong meat and dairy products are delicious. They taste great! And transitioning to a vegan diet comes with its challenges. It can be hard to cut these products out of your diet. While, this is just a 7 day challenge it will be a lot harder if you have the idea that these foods will taste as good as the alternatives. There are delicious alternatives. Choose a few to try, it’ll be fun! But I would suggest not supplementing all your old meals with alternatives.

5. Try new meals!

Try new foods! This is a great time to explore your pallet. Who knows you may find your new favorite food. Pinterest is a great place to find yummy vegan recipes.

6. Try a Vegan Restaurant

I know not everyone has the luxury of having a vegan restaurant in their area. But if you have one or are traveling to a town that has one you should check it out. My favorite is Veggie Grill. Yum!

7. Don’t overdue the pasta.

selective focus photo of rotini pasta
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It’s easy to default to pasta dishes when going vegan. However, eating too much pasta will make you feel bloated. Instead, try zoodles or new dishes out of your comfort zone.

Have fun and good luck on your 7 Day Vegan Challenge


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