As I walked down the isles of Baby’r’us I started feeling a little overwhelmed. There were so many options for everything! I had just come in to price check baby bottles and I somehow got drawn into the land of consumerism. Now, I am a consumer. And there is nothing wrong with that. I need to purchase products in order to take care of my family and myself. I’m not going to let others make me feel bad about buying products. Buying stimulates the economy and is not all bad.

However, I try to be a conscious consumer, meaning I take into account how the product is made and how it effects the environment and others. And let me tell you, I am NOT perfect and I don’t expect to be to expect you to be. It’s hard to find information, it takes time to educate yourself on the issues, it’s difficult to find reliable research sources, and sometime I just can’t afford the best option. I totally get that and that’s a big reason why I wrote this blog.

In a world of faceless bullies and growing technology it can be easy to shame others. But what would the world look like if instead of shaming others we truly took that energy and encouraged others. What if we were so kind to our neighbors that they wanted to spread that kindness? I think the world would be a much kinder place. And a much physically and emotionally safe place too.

This blog is here to inspire you, to encourage you, and share ideas of an alternative lifestyle. And hey, if this is not a way of life you want to follow that’s ok too! I will never shame another person into living life the way I do. The world is filled with diversity and that’s what makes it beautiful. No one wants to color with just one crayon, right? The world needs all kinds of thoughts, cultures, and ways of life. I believe that’s why the Lord made the world with so much uniqueness.

And yes, I am a Christian and yes I will share my faith in this blog. That’s a huge part of who I am. And that’s ok too. But please, feel free to comment and share your faith as well. This is an open platform. And as long as comments aren’t used to hurt others and spread negativity I will gladly approve your comment so that you can share your ideas and faith as well.

So thanks for stopping by and please visit often.




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