10 Steps to Changing Climate Change

If you haven't read last week's blog go ahead and check it out here. It'll help give you a foundation for understanding this week's blog. Last week, we talked about ¬†Greta Thunberg TED Talk on climate change. You can watch it here. Here are 10 things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Drive... Continue Reading →

Child Climate Activist

I recently watched the Greta Thunberg TED Talk on climate change. If you haven't seen it yet you can watch it here. Greta spoke with adult wisdom and an urgency for behavioral change for the global citizen. She reminded viewers that change is necessary and needed now! That as a global citizen we need need... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Paper Alternative

Want to make an ecofriendly option when it comes to gift wrapping? Check out these alternative options. Newspaper I know that not many people buy the newspaper anymore but if you don't buy the paper most local coffee shops have old papers that you can take with permission. This is a great way to upcycle... Continue Reading →

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge – Tip

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge is the latest trend on social media. It's exactly what is sounds like. A challenge to eat completely vegan for a whole week. It's a great way to explore veganism. Whatever your reasons here are 7 tips to surviving The 7 Day Vegan Challenge. 1. Eat fresh veggies and fruits.... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegan Lunch

Are you looking for an easy vegan lunch? I know when I first started integrated vegan meals into my diet I was looking for easy and affordable meals that tasted delicious. Here is an awesome yummy vegan lunch option. First I toasted two pieces of whole grain bread with seeds. Then I mashed up half... Continue Reading →

Veggie Grill Review

In September I attended the Pac West game conference in Seattle and while I was there I was so excited to try some new vegan food. One restaurant I came across was called Veggie Grill. Now, I had no idea that Veggie Grill was a chain in over 6 states! Here's what I thought. The... Continue Reading →

Vegan Cheese Wonton Recipe

I don't know about you but I love a good cheese wonton. Before I went plant-based I use to eat them all the time! Now, that I've cut cheese out of my diet I thought I would try to recreate my own. They turned out great! My husband couldn't even tell they were vegan! Ingredients... Continue Reading →

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