After Wedding Eco Cleanup

The party has come to an end and you and your special partner are off to your honeymoon location. But wait?! Your cleanup team's work has just begun. Did you know there are ways your team can help process waste in a more eco-friendly way than traditional waste management? Here are 3 ways your team... Continue Reading →

Eco Honeymoon Essential Kit

The wedding is great...but I'm sure you are just as excited for the honeymoon. Right? I know when I got married just 3ish years ago I was so excited for my honeymoon trip to Mexico. And boy was it fun! While, you're planning for your fun trip away don't forget about a few essentials that... Continue Reading →

Eco Wedding Invites

So you're all excited about your big day and heck, you should be! It's going to be a hit event in the story of you and it should be celebrated! But how do you invite all your awesome guests? Here are 5 eco wedding invites you may want to take advantage of. Plantable Wedding Invites... Continue Reading →

Eco Friendly Wedding Dinerware

If you haven't decided what kind of dinnerware to use for your big day here are a few eco alternatives to plasticware. Keep in mind that your venue or caterer might have glass or porcelain options. Palm Leaf Dinnerware made from palm leaf is beautiful. It has a natural look with a lot of grain... Continue Reading →

Eco- Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors it can be so tempting to get a plastic custom made trinket to give to your guest. But let's be real, you're going to spend a chunk of change on something that most people are going to get rid of in the long run. This not only wastes your... Continue Reading →

Planning for Marriage

This series is mainly about how to plan your wedding with your budget and eco-initiatives in mind. However, before you began to plan for your wedding you should consider planning for your marriage. (And maybe you've already done this.) After all, the wedding is just the celebration of the marriage. This is going to be... Continue Reading →

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