Summer Fun- Week 3

We've gone on an adventurous hike and we've had fun playing slip and slide kickball so what's next? Croquet! I know this might sound silly and trust me I thought it was too. But my family started playing croquet in the summer time about 15 years ago when I was just about 12 years old... Continue Reading →

Turn Styrofoam into Activated Charcoal?

There are many substances we have not yet figured out how to recycle effectively. One of these substances is Styrofoam. While, old Styrofoam can sometimes be recycled into new Styrofoam there's not a huge market for actual recycled Styrofoam. This is because recycled Styrofoam can be contaminated and it takes a lot of resources to... Continue Reading →

Summer Fun- Week 2

So last week you went on a hike so how about this week we do something a little more refreshing. After all it is mid June and the sun is super hot! This week we'll do slip and slip kickball and cool down with frozen Banana Popsicle. Disclaimer at the bottom of the page. This... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meat- Vegan Burger Review

I was shopping at my local Target and found this very realistic looking vegan burger by a company named Beyond Meat. So I grabbed a pack and gave it try. Here's what I thought. When I first opened the package I noticed a strong plastic smell so I was a little worried about what I... Continue Reading →

Schoolie Conversion- Day 12 & 13 Floors

Kris finished the floors! A big shout out to my wonderful husband who installed the flooring all by himself. It turned out beautiful! We only have one week left until we move into our Schoolie. Will we get everything done? Probably not. Will it be livable? Absolutely! Next week we have to finish the electrical,... Continue Reading →

Summer Fun- Week 1

This week we'll be doing something super fun....drum roll please.....nature hike! That's right! So grab that bug spray and those hiking sandals. Hiking is often free and is a great source of exercise for you and the family. Let's talk about a family trip to your local park. How to Plan a Day Hiking Find... Continue Reading →

Field Roast Vegan Sausage Review

I first heard of Field Roast from YouTubers Eamon & Bec. So I thought I would give them a try. I tried the Apple Sage flavor. I simmered the sausage in a little bit of vegan butter until the skin had darkened. I then cut the sausages into little pieces and simmered them as well.... Continue Reading →

Summer Fun!

June has arrived and it's brought the summer with it. The sunshine, the smoothies, the adventure! It's time for family vacations and long beach/lake days. But what do you do during those regular days home with the kids? I don't know about you, but I can only take so much cartoons... Well, if you're interested... Continue Reading →

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