Planning for Marriage

This series is mainly about how to plan your wedding with your budget and eco-initiatives in mind. However, before you began to plan for your wedding you should consider planning for your marriage. (And maybe you've already done this.) After all, the wedding is just the celebration of the marriage. This is going to be... Continue Reading →

Wedding Series- Planning for Yes

Hello! Next month we'll be engaging in a new an exciting series called Planning for Yes! One of the most popular months to get engaged is October. Kind of random, right?! Anyway, with October right around the corner and with those newly engaged summer couples in mind, Planning for Yes will take you on a... Continue Reading →

Storing Baby Food Hack

Buying baby food containers can get real expensive real quick. There are so many options and gadgets that the task can become daunting. When I was looking into making my own baby food I came across a ton of plastic options but none that were environmentally conscience. As many of you know, plastic can contain... Continue Reading →

3 Best Teethers for Your Little Tike

It's that dreaded time every seasoned mom or dad warns you about. Teething! My daughter has been teething a lot lately. Here are a few teethers that have really help her in this new transition. This is not a sponsored article. Nuby NanaNubs Teething Toothbrush My little girl loves this teether! I keep it in... Continue Reading →

Advice for 1st Time Pregnancy

Last year I become pregnant for the first time and this year I birthed my first child. It was a whirlwind of emotions. I was happy, scared, anxious, overjoyed, etc. So if this is your first roadeo here are a few things I learned during my pregnancy journey. Please note, I am not a doctor... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Welcome! This is the first post in this month's series, Mommy Hacks. Enjoy! This week I flew for the first time with my new baby girl who is now 6 months old. And let me tell ya, it wasn't easy. You know before I had a child I looked I traveled with moms with babies... Continue Reading →

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